Stories in Foreign Sands

War is strange. I quietly look out and ponder it as we fly over a strange landscape; arid and desolate, an atmosphere of poverty and violence, something hostile to human life. I can’t hear much over the whirring of the blades above. The door is open due to the heat being especially uncomfortable on this […]

A Cheaper Path Toward Digital Consolidation

Don’t lock yourself into a corporate ecosystem. I’m writing this for a couple reasons: One, I was once locked into the Apple ecosystem and had to do a lot of busy work to undo it, and two, because the way I’ve consolidated my “digital life” has been working great and I want people to know […]

The Wealth of Frugality: A Pathway Out of Poverty

Index Introduction Part One: Stuff Part Two: Money and Investing Part Three: A Change in Thinking Part Four: Solutions At work, we talk. We complain about money. We don’t make a lot. We aren’t financially wealthy. We worry about transportation and rent and hey, do I have enough left over for groceries? Every moment is […]