Hypocrisy in the Gaming Community

After playing video games for so long, and them acting almost as a quasi-parental model, I couldn’t help but notice some glaring contradictions in the lives of gamers. This piece is for people who play video games to excess. It doesn’t give me pleasure to do this, but being a psychology major with the intent […]

A Review of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Save your money. A lot of us grew up with the Final Fantasy series; I know I did. As a kid in the single digits, my mom bought me VII, and after that the rest is history. As a troubled teen, I found solace in the like-mindedness of Squall and played VIII far more than […]

Fallout, and Other Excuses for Video Game Addiction

Hundreds of hours in you think it’s fun; it’s really addiction. When I first downloaded Fallout Shelter for my iPhone 7, I played it almost two days straight. I was obsessed with getting out of the initial crawl, where food and water were scarce, the lights occasionally went out, and people could barely last minutes […]

Why You Should (Occasionally) Play Old Video Games

I was being unskillful with my thoughts, wasting time on the computer and clicking through items on Steam, when I realized I hadn’t gotten the achievement for beating Final Fantasy VIII. I had Squall at level 100, everyone else barebones, with max Strength and wicked stats across the board. Ribbon, Auto-Haste, the works. I quickly […]